By Paula @ Holiday World

The rains have finally subsided.

But not before my dear husband called with this:

Gary: Methuselah here.

Me: Excuse me?

Gary: Methuselah. They said on the news yesterday that this was a “200-year rain.” And today they’re calling it a “500-year rain.” Well, I remember the last time we had a 200-year rain and a 500-year rain. Just call me Methuselah.

(For the record, the Bible says Methuselah lived to be 900+ years old.)

Well, Methuselah and the rest of us are drying out and heading back outdoors.

What are these things popping up like mushrooms on top of the Holiday Theater?

Holiday Theater roof

They’re part of the new look for the theater.

It took me the better part of a week, but I was able to sneak a copy of the design for you to see:

Holiday Theater facade

I especially like the sentries out front.

Wonder if that’s the new uniform for our Security Staff?
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