By Paula @ Holiday World

…the tough wear their jammies to work.

Oh, Ryan.

When our Human Resources staff reached out to other departments asking who wanted to pull an "all nighter" to get a record amount of new-hire paperwork processed, they didn't mention dress code.

I guess Ryan equated an all-nighter with a pajama party and felt he arrived suitably attired.

He's a nut.

He's started to introduce me as his "second mom." I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or a little bit frightened.

The work started at 4 pm and wrapped up around 11:30 pm, bless them.

Meanwhile, we took advantage of this being spring break by holding several Orientations.

As the new Hosts and Hostesses learn about our Four Cornerstones (Safety, Service, Friendliness and Cleanliness) they get some hands-on experience.

Kind of gross hands-on experience, actually. Poor Derek didn't know what he was volunteering for when he raised his hand.

Training to clean up vomitThat's fake vomit in the container. It's nasty enough to make a bit of the real stuff start stirring around in one's gut.

The challenge is to learn to safely remove the gloves without getting any of the revolting goop on your hands. Eric, our Director of Admissions, is walking him through the process. (Eric was once our Marketing Intern — see Ryan, there's hope!)

In past years, we've simply done the glove-removal demonstration. It's nice to see we've made it more interactive and colorful, if a bit nauseating.

Just goes to prove that all sorts of things come up during Orientation.

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