By Paula @ Holiday World

Happens every spring right about this time.

Time for the coasters to reawaken and for employees to demonstrate their loyalty.

Time to ride.

We started with The Raven.

Raven rides

Later on at a meeting, someone asked who had gotten to ride.

Quite honestly, all you had to do was look around the conference table and check out the tousled hair.

Here's the train coming back into the station after the first ride.

First Raven flight of 2008

There's Will in the back seat. Eric, in the front, gives the ride a thumbs-up. Poor Kristine, right behind Eric, opted out after the first ride.

Are you admiring the groovy eyewear? Those are safety glasses, as the earliest rides of the season are accompanied by the occasional flying grit from the graphite that is used to prep the track.

And speaking of trendy accessories, look at this fellow:

Kima Bay bucket

The bucket for Kima Bay has at last arrived.

They're swinging it into place.

Kima Bay bucket

This fellow looks a little nervous…

Kima Bay

But these rascals don't have a care in the world…

Kima Bay monkeys

Up four stories the bucket flew and landed safely in place.

Kima Bay bucket

One step closer to opening.

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