By Paula @ Holiday World

Cheap is not usually meant as a compliment.

No wonder your shoes wore out fast — they're cheap.

That cheap so-and-so made me pay for half the gas money on our date last night. (Which will be, by the way, our last date!)

Oh, she's so cheap.

Okay, you know what I mean.

But when USA Today calls you "cheap," it's a good thing.

If you read this today (Friday, Christmas in April), you can head over to their website and scroll down a bit to see a picture of The Raven.

You can call me a lot more than "cheap" if you put a Raven photo on the front page of USA Today's website.

If you are one of the 2.3 million people who have a copy of the actual paper, turn to page 2 of section D for a gander. To see the article online, click here.

The budget-minded travel expert who mentioned us is Tim Leffel. He and his family visited us last summer on assignment with a national magazine.

We emailed each other a month or so ago and he broke the news that the magazine had cut way back on the article and several parks ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Including us.

So when he got another chance to mention us, he did.

But we won't mention that particular magazine here … or the name of the woman whose face and name are on the cover.

… but I bet she's cheap.

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