By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you ever made a teeny, tiny error — and gotten clobbered for it?

Happened the other day.

Around here, we take our hard hats seriously.

When construction is ongoing, the hats are on. And the swath is wide.

Heck, even the Big Guy wears one.

Holidog's hard hat

(You thought I meant Will, didn't you? Well, he wears one, too.)

The other day Lisa and Rachel took a walk down to Kima Bay to take some photos of Kima Bay's final construction days.

When they delivered the memory card to me, I remember thinking that all the shots were taken from very far away.

But not quite far enough, apparently.

When they got to the construction site, they suddenly remembered that they'd forgotten to bring hard hats.

So they stayed very far away.

But not quite far enough.

Out came the shout: "Hey! Where are your hard hats?!"

Apparently the "hard hat area" had just been breached.

The photo session was over.

Our Safety Director (you remember Craig) came for a visit the next day.

Wanting to support his efforts, I blurted out, "We should make cookies for your crew … and deliver them in hard hats!"

And so a batch of chocolate chip cookies was baked and delivered a few days later.

I tried to get everyone to pose holding a cookie, but by the time I'd retrieved the left-behind camera battery, it was too late. Nary a crumb remained.

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