By Paula @ Holiday World

The subject line of this post is a nod to my dear husband. Gary loves malapropisms (and I loved reading The Rivals in high school, so I still use the word malapropism whenever possible).

We live out in the country (which works well, seeing as though he's a farmer). Whenever a large moth flies by, he cries out: "Look! A lunatic moth!"

Yes, there's a lunatic in our midst, dear, but it's not the flying kind

This post and accompanying photo, though, are from Eric:

Today is cleaning day in the Admissions Department.

This morning, I headed out to the Holidog Inn to prepare it for opening day.

Luna mothAs I opened the door, I saw something fly into the room over my shoulder. At first glance I thought it was a leaf.

A closer inspection made it clear that it was no leaf, but a living being!

A luna moth decided to be the first unusual Holidog Inn guest of the year. It's a beautiful little creature, but kind of creepy. It wouldn't stop smiling at me!

(Perhaps it sat in on one of our Hospitality Training sessions?)

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