By Paula @ Holiday World

Are you familiar with Twitter?

You may have noticed, we added a feed to the right of the latest HoliBlog post …

It's a micro-blog. With a maximum length of 140 characters (not words) per post.

So you have to choose your sassy comments carefully.

Once we're open daily (Saturday), it's our intent to provide running commentary about the day. If you're in the park and have the feed text-messaged to you, you'll know which rides have the shortest lines. If you're not in the park, you might still get a kick out of knowing that stuff.

Apparently the Motley Fool likes the idea.

As I was typing this, Eric called. He'd just read the latest column from the Motley Fool and saw that we were mentioned. He wanted to know: What's Twitter?. After my brief explanation, Eric sighed, "Wow. I'm getting old." That made someone who is old enough to be his mother feel pretty good.

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