By Paula @ Holiday World

Any old timers out there remember that Huey Lewis tune? It was out a few years (*cough* 22 *cough*) ago.

Back then I worked at a magazine publishing company. As editor of Pizza Today, I often trekked back and forth to the art department where the crazy art directors worked. Their radio was cranked up to a pretty high volume and I had to nearly shout to banter with them.

For a stretch back in 1986, Hip to Be Square was high up on the charts, so it was played quite often. And somehow, every time I walked in the art department, it was blasting.

"I hate this song," I'd announce in a prissy voice.

The hippie-freak art guys would crack up. Every time. Somehow, we connected through that song.

I thought of those guys and that song when I read this blog post from a "formerly cool" mom who visited the park yesterday.

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