By Paula @ Holiday World

I'd just completed giving a travel writer from Nashville a tour and was starting back to my office.

A nice lady stopped me.

Nice lady: Where in the world is the entrance to Congo River? (She seemed at her wit's end.)

Me: The Congo River? Here, just turn around, it's right over here. (Maybe 10 paces away. She'd just walked past it.)

Nice lady: Oh, good grief. I can't believe it's right over there.

Me: It's okay. You're on vacation.

Nice lady (smile gone from her face): No. I'm not. I'm chaperoning a fifth-grade class.

Me: (Gulp.) Oh. Well. In that case, you're definitely not on vacation. Sorry. I'm really, really sorry.

The nice lady/teacher laughed out loud and went to search for her class.

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