By Paula @ Holiday World

Did anyone else grow up watching the Lawrence Welk Show?

My strongest recollection of that show is how the musicians all smiled — even while playing their instruments.

My dad would marvel (okay, he made fun) at the delirious grins on every last one of the musicians as they played. (How in the world do you smile while playing trumpet, clarinet, or flute? Somehow, they did it.) We laughed at the thought of Mr. Welk hollering at them in his thick accent to, "Smile! Smile!"

This photo that Lori sent me of Craig cleaning up a … um … HoliMess made me think back to that show.


This next week we have special Hospitality Training for all of our Hosts and Hostesses. I wonder if we're planning to show any clips of the Lawrence Welk Show … or maybe if just threatening to do it would do the trick.

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