New favorite phrase: “Opened a can of pout”


Dear Holiday World,

I just wanted you to know that my mom was planning a big trip to Williamsburg,Virginia. I asked my mom if we could go to Holiday World too. She said maybe but not for very long. When she said that, I opened a can of pout and got really upset because I have been wanting to go to Holiday World since like December. Then my mom talked to a friend of hers and found out she was going to Holiday World. This made my mom so homesick for Holiday World, that she canceled out Williamsburg vacation. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO HOLIDAY WORLD IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIMA BAY(WHICH I HAVE BEEN SPYING ON THROUGH YOU'RE WEBCAM SINCE IT WAS JUST A FIELD)HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!! When you see a long bearded man with a tie dye shirt and a yellow hat in the Bahari Wave Pool, that is my dad. When you see him, you will know I'm having a great time at Splash and Safari!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HOLIDAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gabi , age 11 your OFFICAL BIGGEST FAN!!!!


Bob, bob, bobbing along

LifejacketsAll the little yellow buoys in the wave pools.

This little cutie is getting ready to splash his bro- ther.

Sup- plies of life jackets are available at both The Wave and Bahari.

Bring your own hat.


Grateful parents share appreciation

We visited Holiday World on Saturday, June 14, 2008, for our annual company picnic. Every year we are more impressed with your facility and the friendliness of your staff.

We have 10-year old twins that are disabled and in wheelchairs. They enjoy many of the rides at your park, particularly some of the water slides. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your staff escorting us up the stairs while we carry the twins to these rides and not making us wait in line. If this were not done they would not be able to experience this simple pleasure.

God bless you and your staff.

Carl C. and Family
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hoofin’ it

I just love this photo from our Rough Riders Bumper Cars.

Bumper cars

Okay, be nice … what is our bull-riding friend thinking?

A new log for the flume

Mike left me a message this morning that we added a new style of log to Frightful Falls this morning.

Frightful Falls

As far as I can tell, the main difference is the back of the boat is higher.

Frightful Falls


No doubt if there are other differences, we'll soon see Comments posted about them.

A request for advice

We just received a sweet email from 11-year-old Matthew.

He says he and his dad are planning a visit to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. They made a pact to ride every single ride while they're here.

Matthew admits he's a little nervous about riding The Voyage and would like some advice.

I suggested he keep an eye on this post, as I'm sure our readers will come up with lots of great tips in the "Comments" section.

I'll start with my tip: Keep your eyes open, Matthew. If your eyes are closed, you won't "go with the flow" of the ride. Plus it's an incredible view from the top of the lift hill!

Okay, your turn. Click on the "Comments" link just below this post and help Matthew out.