New favorite phrase: “Opened a can of pout”


Dear Holiday World,

I just wanted you to know that my mom was planning a big trip to Williamsburg,Virginia. I asked my mom if we could go to Holiday World too. She said maybe but not for very long. When she said that, I opened a can of pout and got really upset because I have been wanting to go to Holiday World since like December. Then my mom talked to a friend of hers and found out she was going to Holiday World. This made my mom so homesick for Holiday World, that she canceled out Williamsburg vacation. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO HOLIDAY WORLD IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIMA BAY(WHICH I HAVE BEEN SPYING ON THROUGH YOU'RE WEBCAM SINCE IT WAS JUST A FIELD)HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!! When you see a long bearded man with a tie dye shirt and a yellow hat in the Bahari Wave Pool, that is my dad. When you see him, you will know I'm having a great time at Splash and Safari!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HOLIDAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gabi , age 11 your OFFICAL BIGGEST FAN!!!!


Bob, bob, bobbing along

LifejacketsAll the little yellow buoys in the wave pools.

This little cutie is getting ready to splash his bro- ther.

Sup- plies of life jackets are available at both The Wave and Bahari.

Bring your own hat.


A ride on The Voyage? Priceless

The director of our local visitors bureau told me this story:

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit Holiday World over the weekend and brought their best friends, Michael and Kelly, who were coming to Santa Claus for the first time.

Michael told me recently that he loved roller coasters so much, he'd ride one to work every day if he could! And asked if I got to ride a roller coaster to work every day, since I live so close to Holiday World. I responded, "Unfortunately no. I just drive a car."

Needless to say, he was looking forward to the visit!

After getting off The Voyage, he turned and headed back toward the front gate of the park. My sister stopped him and asked where he was going. "I have to go back to the gate and pay them more money," he said. "They didn't charge me enough for this. That was awesome!"

Michael also was impressed with the food prices. He couldn't believe that for about $25 they got a large pizza and fries for everyone.

He assured me, they'd definitely be back to visit again soon!

The most beautiful smiles all day

…were on the faces of these happy children.

Ugandan Orphan's Choir

They are the Ugandan Orphans Choir, who are touring the States this summer performing songs from their native Africa.

But on Saturday, they were just regular kids having fun.