“Only in Southern Indiana”

My family & I visited your amusement park on the 22nd & 23rd of July. I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how impressed I was with your park, reasonable prices and staff!!

I thought the park had a lot of great features & amenities..not to mention an awesome water park. Also, the prices were great in and around the park!

The staff are such pleasant, friendly people! Not to mention, my grandmother lost her wallet w/$600 cash and picked it up later that evening @ the courtesy booth with nothing touched! That can only happen in Southern Indiana.

In addition, my husband is from the Ferdinand area. He had not been to the park in 20 years..and was just as impressed!

We will make this an annual trip from now on!

Best regards,

Tina B.
Carmel, Indiana

“Allergen-free foods make meal times easier”

I have a child with severe food allergies (milk, egg and peanut) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for including allergen-free foods at your theme park.

It is very difficult when it comes to meal times for my family because of our son’s allergies, but increasing awareness and support are making meal times easier. I would like to commend you on your decision to include these foods at Holiday World. Now, I do not have to stress about our meals and the whole family can have a great time at Holiday World.

Thank you!!

Valerie R.
Evansville, Indiana

“You made Jake feel special”

My family visited Holiday World in June. We had a wonderful time.

My kids love Holiday World.

My son felt very special that day because of the time your staff took to meet his needs. Jake is 7 years old and has a life threatening peanut allergy. We ate in Splashin' Safari, the Holidog FunTown, and near the front entrance and each time your staff was very willing to do what we needed to keep him safe. Sometimes just bringing a box so I can read the ingredients means so much. I appreciate that they were prepared to do that. So, often when you ask for information or to see a label people are rude because they do not understand the seriousness of the situation. Your staff helped us to feel comfortable and have a great day at Holiday World.

Thank you to you and your staff,

Heather R. & Family

“Ingredient list? Sure, no problem!”

My family visited your park a few weekends ago.

Our four year old daughter, Nichole, has life threatening food allergies to egg and nuts. We were so thrilled to find that any time we had a question about food ingredients your staff simply pulled out an ingredient list and let us read it.

You turned a potentially stressful day into a great experience!

Thank You-

Tricia H.
Evansville, Indiana

Stretching the limit

We subscribe to a wonderful (free!) service that distributes media leads three times a day.

What this means is, those who are looking for people to interview get hooked up with those who have something to say.

It's great.

We've gotten some excellent "hits" from the service, plus even if we're not a "fit," it's always fun to read through the list of needs from all sorts of reporters, editors and bloggers around the country.

The one hard-and-fast rule is to respond to leads only if you are truly a fit.

A solid fit. Or you're blocked from the system.

For example, if the request is for interviews with dude ranch owners, I'd get the royal boot if my response was, "Our pretty horses are well behaved; they go round and round and up and down. Would you like to interview our owner?"

But this one national-magazine lead, I must admit, is mighty tempting to stretch a bit:

I need to hear from a man who has recently practiced Laughter Yoga, breathing exercises in which you chant Ho Ho Ho Ha and other "laughter" sounds for improved health.


This fellow is pretty healthy.

Santa Claus

…and he's been doing that "ho, ho, ho" thing for years.

Could it be he'd been holding out on us?

Nah. Santa's totally into sharing. I really think if he'd discovered this Laughter Yoga thing, he'd have told about about it years ago.

Come to think of it, maybe Mrs. Koch is a follower of this lifestyle. I've worked with her for nearly two decades and have always noticed when things get a bit stressful around here, she's at her funniest.

Mrs. Koch

…after all, she is Santa's daughter.

Ben there, done that

This is Ben:

Ben in 2008

This little fellow, from Berea, Kentucky, just enjoyed his first visit to Holiday World.

His mom, Missy, was just a little bit older than Ben when she rode the same ride back in 1982, when we were still Santa Claus Land.

Missy in 1982

We just love these generation-to-generation photos. Does anyone have a three-generation set?

What the … ?

How could this be?

High diver

A giantess perched on top of the lift hill at The Legend!

And her mouth is wide open — is she going to devour the next train of riders?

High dive



We get requests all the time asking for help with school projects (and, no, we won't write your paper for you, so quit asking!)….but this was a new one.

A young lady named Shelbi contacted us early in the spring for help in preparing her school project.

It seems the fourth graders at Resurrection School were preparing a wax museum. Shelbi

Each student chose a famous person to research. They wrote and memorized a paragraph of information about their subject.

The day finally came for the school to tour the wax museum, and Shelbi was ready.

Whenever someone walked up and tapped her on the shoulder, she had plenty to say. "Hi, I'm Pat Koch! …Our park has been awarded cleanest and most friendliest park, thanks to me and my employees…"

Couldn't you just melt?