By Paula @ Holiday World

Poor Mike.

He got dragged into a TV interview the other day. Not exactly kicking and screaming, but he did solemnly tell me, "Paula, I'm out of my comfort zone."

Mike talks about coaster maintenance

…but Mike gamely slapped on a pleasant smile and talked about, what else, roller coasters.

This is for an upcoming episode of "The Weekly Special," a TV show produced in Bloomington, Indiana. The host, Ann Shea, promises they'll post the show online after it airs next Thursday and Friday. (It's embedded at the end of this blog post.)

Their focus while in the park was the coaster maintenance crew at Holiday World.

Coaster Cat Sean took them with him on his morning Voyage walk.

Coaster Cat Sean

Okay, so what is Sean telling the cameraman (who, coincidentally, is Eric from

Here's my offering: Ever since I started this gig, my cuticles have needed extra attention.

Now it's your turn…click on "comments" and give us your best shot.

Meanwhile, I'm heading back to the safety of my comfort zone. Sean's a really nice guy, but he's got power tools and he knows how to use them.


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