By Paula @ Holiday World

For years, I've reacted obnoxiously whenever the topic of sports comes up around here.

I groan when Mike (that's Sales Director Mike) starts off a marketing meeting with, "What about them Hoosiers?!" or when John whines about "his" Bears and Cubs. And as a Notre Dame alum, Will is sure to keep us up to date about the Fighting Irish.


But today, even I'm a fan. Because we're raising money for a wonderful charity.

Recognize this fellow?

He's Gary Brackett. I don't really know what this means, but I'm told that he's the Defensive Captain for the Indianapolis Colts. He's also something called a linebacker. He was part of the Super Bowl-winning Colts team in '06.

And even though I haven't met Gary yet, I can categorically state that he's a sweet guy.

He raises money to help children affected by cancer. And we want to help in that effort.

So when Gary visits the park on Friday, he'll be available to ride The Voyage and have lunch with the top bidder of this eBay auction.

The top bidder receives three admission tickets to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari for this Friday. We'll get you together with Gary for your ride on The Voyage (you and two friends) and then head over to the Plymouth Rock Cafe for lunch with the big guy.

Your winning bid goes straight to Gary Brackett's IMPACT Foundation, so please dig deep and bid high.

Heck, I'll even feature you on the HoliBlog. That's got to be worth something, right?

This is just a three-day auction, though, so please hurry over to post your bid by early afternoon on Wednesday.

So if you win, who decides whether you grab the front seat or the back seat at The Voyage, you or Gary? Maybe you can arm wrestle for it…

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