By Paula @ Holiday World

It's so nice to meet a celebrity and feel you've met a friend.

There are certainly plenty of sports figures with egos larger than a football field.

But not Gary Brackett.

Gary Brackett at Holiday World

…he's as down-to-earth as a (please pause patiently as I search frantically for a football metaphor) … uh, cleat.

Gary was warm and chatty as he signed autographs and talked with fans this morning.

He even found time to pose for photos with a few hard-working painters.

Gary Brackett with Tommy and Tim from our painters crew

And we snapped a shot of a local girl who is now a Colts cheerleader.

That's Abbey on the right; she's from Ferdinand.

Gary Brackett

…and that's Lauren on the left; she's from New Palestine.

But the best photo of the day is this one:

Gary Brackett's IMPACT Foundation

That's Gary with the children of the families from all over Indiana here for a two- day visit as part of Gary Brackett's IMPACT Foundation's "Field of Dreams" program.

And tomorrow … Gary rides The Voyage with eBay charity auction winner Brandon Phillips from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Neither of the two claims to be a coaster enthusiast, so we'll be sure to get a copy of the on-ride photo.

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