By Paula @ Holiday World

Gary Brackett rides Voyage…texted to me following Brandon Phillips' ride with Gary Brackett a few hours ago:

"It was awe- some."

'Nuff said.

Brandon told me after- wards that both he and Gary's eyes were streaming (from riding in the front car — yeah, right) and they were frantically wiping away the tears before they got near the end of the ride when the camera goes off.

Here's a photo of the full car. That's Brandon's wife, Abby, sitting in the back with his step-brother Mitch.

Here's a little more info about Brandon: Mitch, Abby, and I are life long Colts fans, have season tickets (looking forward to the new stadium), and my step-brother and I host a sports talk radio show in our spare time that is online Wednesday nights. My son Cole was born the week before the Colts won the Super Bowl, and we actually came home from the hospital the day of the Super Bowl (he really wanted to watch from home). I was so nervous about the games that we didn’t allow anyone to come over during the playoffs or the Super Bowl, and actually had a Super Bowl party several months later and watched the game again on TIVO. Knowing the outcome allowed me to enjoy the party much more, ha! My wife and I are from Spencer County, went to South Spencer High School, and now reside in Bowling Green, Ky.

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