By Paula @ Holiday World

Got a new (to me) car a few months ago and on Sunday saw the little "outside temp" go to three digits for the first time.

And it stayed there.

Michael from the Fox affiliate in Evansville called and asked about coming up to do a "gosh, it's hot!" story for the news.

Who am I to discourage an eager reporter?

When Michael and Curtis showed up mid-afternoon, it was obvious one of them was a bit over-dressed. Bless him, Michael was in a navy blazer with a button-up shirt and snugly tied tie.

Despite gentle encouragement to loosen his tie and leave his jacket in the car, Michael stayed professional.

Incredibly so.

He didn't sweat.

Not even a trickle.

Curtis, the cameraman, and I were … well … dripping. When Will joined us by Kima Bay he, too, was glowing. Profusely.

But Michael was cool as a cucumber. After the interview, we took advantage of the nearby Pepsi Oasis.

All except Michael. "I'm fine," he assured me. "I have a high tolerance."

A reporter from another TV station was here at the park this afternoon to interview Will. She mentioned she happened to be in the park as a guest on Sunday and saw Michael recording his "stand up" at Bakuli.

She, too, was stunned. "I was in my swimsuit and in the water and I was sweating!"

We shook our heads and mopped our brows.

"Is he even human?" we wondered.

Perspiring minds want to know.

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