By Paula @ Holiday World

We subscribe to a wonderful (free!) service that distributes media leads three times a day.

What this means is, those who are looking for people to interview get hooked up with those who have something to say.

It's great.

We've gotten some excellent "hits" from the service, plus even if we're not a "fit," it's always fun to read through the list of needs from all sorts of reporters, editors and bloggers around the country.

The one hard-and-fast rule is to respond to leads only if you are truly a fit.

A solid fit. Or you're blocked from the system.

For example, if the request is for interviews with dude ranch owners, I'd get the royal boot if my response was, "Our pretty horses are well behaved; they go round and round and up and down. Would you like to interview our owner?"

But this one national-magazine lead, I must admit, is mighty tempting to stretch a bit:

I need to hear from a man who has recently practiced Laughter Yoga, breathing exercises in which you chant Ho Ho Ho Ha and other "laughter" sounds for improved health.


This fellow is pretty healthy.

Santa Claus

…and he's been doing that "ho, ho, ho" thing for years.

Could it be he'd been holding out on us?

Nah. Santa's totally into sharing. I really think if he'd discovered this Laughter Yoga thing, he'd have told about about it years ago.

Come to think of it, maybe Mrs. Koch is a follower of this lifestyle. I've worked with her for nearly two decades and have always noticed when things get a bit stressful around here, she's at her funniest.

Mrs. Koch

…after all, she is Santa's daughter.

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