Cyber Santa

What a week.

Pilgrims Plunge, the town's first traffic light, and now this.

We're the featured iPhone Photo of the Week.

And it's only Wednesday.

A sampling of the coverage

Alrighty, let's start with Becky's report on WFIE-TV. She wins the "I wish they'd warned me I was going to a construction site" award, as she bravely meandered around in 4-inch heels.

WEHT-TV ran a story about our announcement, and also produced a package about the economy. Courtney asked Will if we planned to stop offering free soft drinks.

For the record, he said, "No."

But then you knew he would.

He also revealed in the story that park admission ticket prices in '09 will remain at the 2008 rates.

That's right, next season the only thing going "up" around here is that crazy elevator.

A crown for our Queen of Clean

Well, not exactly.

More like a root canal.

I asked Mrs. Koch last week what she did for her 77th birthday.

"Had a root canal," she said brightly.

And then she continued, "The dentist kept asking me questions about the park. Of course my mouth was all numb and full of dental apparatus, so I couldn't answer. I couldn't even react when my dentist said, 'I better make sure I do a good job, or this might end up in the papers.'"

Or worse.

On the blog.

“Come on, throw us a bone!”

Is that the message someone meant to send? You want a clearer, more straight-forward clue about Tuesday's announcement?

Then why the heck did you throw a bone at me?

My parking spot is on the other side of the Raven Parking Lot. That means a chain-link fence separates my car from someone else's.

Normally that's just fine. We co-exist in perfect harmony. Even wave at each other once in a while.

But I stepped out of my office a bit ago and….ewwww!

Someone apparently flung a perfectly good chicken bone at me. Or, rather, my car.

Actually, it was uneaten, a leg. Packed from home. Could it have been the last one in the picnic basket and siblings couldn't decide who deserved it more? … so one of them just grabbed it and pitched it over the fence?

As my inner Mrs. Koch told me (quite insistently) to go pick the chicken leg up and throw it away, a big black bird swooped down and hungrily took care of it for me.

If this had been a dream, I'd probably have it analyzed. But it actually happened, so we'll just chalk it up to life.

As we approach the announcement, I'm increasingly aware of the scrutiny each blog post is under, in the constant search for clues.

So we'll leave you with this: With our new ride, we're hoping to get a leg up on the competition.

A sneak tweet

Okay, let's do it.

Back in July of 2005 when we announced The Voyage, I had a ball that morning posting all sorts of quick notes on the HoliBlog. But this year won't be so easy, given how far the site is from my office.

So the first to find out "what's new" on Tuesday will be our loyal "followers" on Twitter.

If you want to be one of the cool kids and you're fine with receiving text messages, be sure to sign up with Twitter. Here's our page.

Oh, and other than any text messaging costs you may incur (depending on your cell service) it's free.

Just like that new service we're getting ready to announce.

Even the rumor mongers …

… are getting worn down.

Received this email snippet from our friend Lance at Screamscape today (Screamscape is a wildly popular rumor site for park and coaster enthusiasts):

What stinks about being in the rumor biz is that the rumors never stop.

Uh … job security, Lance?

“Special” pizza

We made our way down to Holiday World this weekend.

We ate at the Kringle’s Kafe’… I was SO pleased with the service we received. My son LOVED the soy cheese pizza. And the staff was really great about getting his pizza and keeping it away from “real” pizza. I could actually sit back and relax because I knew he was taken care of. You will never know how much I appreciate it!

Thank you so much!!!

Stephanie D.

Too bad the name is already taken

…or I think we'd need to consider the name "Vertigo" for our new ride.

Note to self: Stop watching the ride simulation.

“Oh, so THAT’S how it works!”

There's nothing like a ride simulation to help you finally figure out what it is you're promoting.

"Ohhhhhhhh…!" It gave me such a lift to finally "get it."

I mean the ride type has been around a long time. There's just a new way of getting from here to there that I finally understand.

Matt turned to me and all but dared me: Are you gonna ride it?

"Yes. Of course. With you. In the back."

Will laughed. He loves it when we sass each other.

And not to worry. A week from Tuesday you, too, will be able to watch the animation and do you own version of, "ohhhhhhhhh…!"