By Paula @ Holiday World

Once we start talking about an upcoming announcement, everyone wants to know: So, what is it? Come on, you can tell me. I won't tell.

Yeah, right.

They want us to spill our guts. Not gonna happen.

For most of us, toughing it out is not all that bad. It's just a few weeks. Sort of like keeping a Christmas present secret.

But a few on staff just about have to go into seclusion this time of the year.

So if you see a "yellow shirt" out in the park this weekend and call out, "Excuse me–" just meaning to ask the location of the closest Pepsi Oasis, please don't be offended if the response is, "I can't tell you! I simply can't tell anyone!"

Just shake your head and ask a "red shirt" or a "blue shirt" instead. They'll be happy to help.

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