By Paula @ Holiday World

You never know who you'll encounter when out in the park.

This very tall dad is visiting with his family, including two very small daughters.

Small daughters, tall dad
In case you don't recognize the dad's legs, let's zoom out to get a look at this stately fellow.

Korey the Coaster Designer

Why, it's Korey from The Gravity Group! He's hanging out in Holidog's FunTown with his little girls while his lovely wife sneaks off to ride The Voyage.

Let's zoom out even more so you can see how Korey's almost as tall as the Holidog statue.

Korey and kidsWow.

He nearly reaches Holidog's chin,


Makes me wonder.

Would it be possible that Korey is the world's tallest?

I mean the World's Tallest Roller Coaster Designer?

It's certainly possible.

We should do some research.

Korey told me he reads the HoliBlog every day at lunch. Maybe he'll post a "Comment" to let us know if he holds the proud title.

Nice shirt there, Korey.

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