By Paula @ Holiday World

This is one of those "out of the mouths of babes" stories we love to hear.

Our friend Chris emailed us about an upcoming visit. His story about Rachel was so cute I asked if it was okay to post it on the HoliBlog.

He said yes:

We've been quietly planning a trip to Holiday World, and finally told our girls (ages 2 and 4) about the trip last night. Rachel, our oldest, has been begging to go all summer. It's a testimonial to your marketing department that she recognizes your logo. Your brand recognition to her ranks right up there with McDonald's and Coca-Cola. She points out every Holiday World logo she sees on billboards, print media, and TV.

If there's a Holiday World logo nearby, she'll see it and point it out.

What's really impressive is that she can remember her first trip there, which we took in June of 2006. She's excited about being able to ride even more of the rides this year. She even remembers that we hit a deer on the way down there and refers to it as "the time that Daddy broke the truck." It's not my fault that deer failed to yield the right-of-way!

Rachel has spent the bulk of the morning "packing" for the trip and piling it up at the top of the stairs. By noon, she'd amassed a plush toy collection that rivals any of your game booths, enough clothes for an entire season at Holiday World, her fold-up chair, and a ruler.

When I asked about the ruler, she said it was so she could see if she was "high enough to ride more rides." Yes, our house is full of ride enthusiasts. I suppose we'll have to re-join ACE once she gets tall enough to ride the coasters.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a note, as I figured you'd appreciate the story. My grandparents lived in Tell City, so I always enjoy making my way down to the area–lots of memories down there, including trips to Santa Claus Land.

I asked Chris to let us know how their trip went. Here's the rest of his story:

We made it to Holiday World as planned, despite a bit of deja vu.

Thursday afternoon, I was driving through downtown Indy to pick up my wife. On a whim, I decided to swing past the new stadium to show Rachel "the new Colts house."

We were a couple of blocks away from her work when I saw an El Camino come bounding out of a parking lot with its horn blasting. Before I can really register what's happening, the Camino jumps the curb and bounces into the side of my truck.

Yes, Paula, I am now two-for-two when it comes to accidents and trips to Holiday World.

Please understand that accidents are NOT a regular affair for us. These are the only two accidents that we've been involved in nearly 15 years. I'm no statistician, but I'm pretty sure the odds on this put it square in the category of ironic.

Fortunately, it was a low-speed accident. Nobody was injured, though Rachel was surprised to see that car bouncing off her door.

Despite this little setback, we had a fantastic time at the park on Friday.

Though I did take a pass on the bumper cars…

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