By Paula @ Holiday World

Is that the message someone meant to send? You want a clearer, more straight-forward clue about Tuesday's announcement?

Then why the heck did you throw a bone at me?

My parking spot is on the other side of the Raven Parking Lot. That means a chain-link fence separates my car from someone else's.

Normally that's just fine. We co-exist in perfect harmony. Even wave at each other once in a while.

But I stepped out of my office a bit ago and….ewwww!

Someone apparently flung a perfectly good chicken bone at me. Or, rather, my car.

Actually, it was uneaten, a leg. Packed from home. Could it have been the last one in the picnic basket and siblings couldn't decide who deserved it more? … so one of them just grabbed it and pitched it over the fence?

As my inner Mrs. Koch told me (quite insistently) to go pick the chicken leg up and throw it away, a big black bird swooped down and hungrily took care of it for me.

If this had been a dream, I'd probably have it analyzed. But it actually happened, so we'll just chalk it up to life.

As we approach the announcement, I'm increasingly aware of the scrutiny each blog post is under, in the constant search for clues.

So we'll leave you with this: With our new ride, we're hoping to get a leg up on the competition.

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