By Paula @ Holiday World

No, we're not asking for your favorite coaster or ride.

Not even your favorite flavor of fudge.

Or your favorite HoliDazzle.

This is a question from our Entertainment Director, Sandi Fortune. (Normally I don't include last names, but just for fun try saying her name more formally. Ms. Fortune. Say it again. It makes me laugh. I know; I'm immature sometimes.)

Anyway, Sandi is working on next season's musical shows and she'd like to pose this question:

What is your favorite song?

Simple as that. Please keep in mind that we're squeaky clean, so perhaps we should ask, What is your favorite song that would be performable in a Holiday World show?

My favorite?

You Got To Me.

By Neil Diamond.


Please click the Comments link, below, and give us your favorite.

And remember, yours truly controls the "accept" and "reject" buttons for comments on this blog, so if you care to take issue with the brilliance of Mr. Neil Diamond, think again.

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