By Paula @ Holiday World

Here's the weird phone call of the day.

Bethany just called and said she was going to transfer a business call from a woman who wanted to speak with Wes Williams.

Bethany explained we don't have anyone here by that name, so the lady agreed to instead talk to the Director of Public Relations.

It was a lady taking a survey.

Or actually a lady wanting to make an appointment to take a survey.

A very long survey.

I actually remembered talking to her before. Because I'd told her a few weeks ago we really weren't interested in participating, but she was incredibly insistent. She asked me three or four questions and then told me that our "category was already full" so we couldn't take the survey.

But … I didn't want to take it in the first place. It was for a private company (no doubt gathering ammo-data to use for a future sales pitch) and it was all secretive and such. This was nothing that was going to help the world or bring gas prices down.

Well, here she was calling back, looking for Wes Williams.

After a minute or two, she squinted enough at her hand-written note to decide it wasn't Wes Williams, it was "Was Willing."

Thing is … I wasn't willing. Sorry, but once she told me the survey would take up a full hour of my time, it didn't seem worth it. Not for a company that wouldn't even tell me its name.

But she was so happy to tell me there was now an opening in "our category," and she could schedule my hour-long survey session within the next few days.

So I broke it to her as gently as I could: Wes has a middle name. And it's "Not."

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