By Paula @ Holiday World

So have you taken the time to go back and review the hints we dropped prior to our Pilgrims Plunge announcement?

This one in particular.

Korey from The Gravity Group really was here with his family to visit the park. That's all. The "meeting with the maintenance technician" reported by a park visitor on one of the coaster forums was a simple introduction. Dennis had just finished lunch and was walking by. Seemed like the polite thing to do was to introduce them.

Nonetheless, the conspiracy theories raged. Just read the comments on that blog post.

Do you really think we'd make it that easy? That we'd hand you a clue without even wrapping it up first?


What I found out that day, standing by Kringle's Ice Cream, was that Korey et al were gravitating toward the great world of Social Marketing.

A blog and a podcast. And what did I think?

I think I'll bookmark that page.

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