By Paula @ Holiday World

Whenever I explain this blog to the uninitiated, I use the phrase "pull back the curtain." This online journal allows us to give you a peek behind the scenes. (It also permits me to use big words such as uninitiated.)

So today we bring you into a meeting.

It was a Pilgrims Plunge meeting, with a bunch of engineers and Sandor, the president of IntaRide.

Pilgrims Plunge meeting

That's Mike, one of our GMs on the left and Sandor on the right. He's from Switzerland. You wouldn't believe the stack of design paperwork he brought to the meeting. (But then, if you forget something, it's a long way home to get it.)

The meeting included talk about conduits and electrical panels. I amused myself by posting occasional tweets.

This photo is OTS (over the shoulder), with Sandor holding a design sheet showing the elevator tower.

Pilgrims Plunge construction meeting

That's Steve in the background. As Director of Development, he choreographs the construction dance.

Site work begins next week and should take 7-10 days. Then foundation work starts.

The tower will go up in a week.

Not a week from now. When it's time, it'll take about a week.

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