By Paula @ Holiday World

His name is Matthew, but a young nephew decided long ago it was easier to call him Mamoosh.

The name stuck.

Mamoosh has been visiting Holiday World as long as we've had wooden coasters.

And it's not a simple trip across town. Mamoosh lives and works in L.A.

But he keeps coming back every year. I'd like to think it's to see me, but it's probably those coasters.

Yes, that must be it. When asked by his employer for his recommendations of top coasters to ride, Moosh (as his close, personal friends call him) didn't have to give it much thought.

Happily, Moosh's boss is a magazine editor. So that coaster list ended up as the current issue's "Fave Five."

You don't have to worry about signing up for an account; just use this for your username: tawguest and this for the password: advertiser.

And tell them Mamoosh sent you.

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