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Came across some “archival” photos that I thought would be fun to share.

They’re not exactly ancient, but they were taken nine years ago.

During the last century.

The day QVC broadcast live from the park was a hoot.

The production crew arrived on Sunday, October 24, 1999, to set up for a live broadcast the next day. They drove in with a huge motorcoach, a box truck, and a semi truck. It was wild.

They set up in the Holiday Theater to give it the look of Santa’s Workshop.

QVC crowdEarly the next morning, even though word was out that the gates wouldn’t open until noon for audience members, there was a crowd.

When I arrived around 7 am, they were already here. This cheerful crowd of extreme QVC fans.

I went out to say hello and make sure they knew it would be hours before we could let them in (the QVC folks had even hired security!).

No problem. They were all having a good chat about their favorite shopping channel.

It tickled me to watch and listen as they compared QVC rings and QVC watches. Some were even sitting on QVC camp stools and sipping from QVC thermoses.

The media arrived to cover the … uh, media.


QVC front gate

The moment that sticks out most in my memory is when the host, David Venable, walked from the theater toward Kringle’s Kafe.

You’d think he was Sinatra.

Or Elvis.

Or Miley.

No, it was, “David! Look! It’s David! Whoo-hooooo! David!”

Suddenly the security detail made sense. A rockstar was in our midst.

David turned, smiled, and waved. And kept walking. (Apparently he’d heard about Kringle’s pizza. Can’t have the host’s stomach growling on live television.) Later he came out and chatted with the fans. It was surreal.

When the gates were finally opened, the fans (in their QVC hosiery and shoes, no doubt) hurried to their seats.

Somehow the theater was filled, but we didn’t have to turn anyone away (we’d prepared a live feed for outside the theater just in case).

The audience roared as the show went live.

If memory serves, they sold many Betty Spaghetty dolls. Betty’s brother (you guessed it — Eddie Spaghetti) was also available.

Also that goop in a tube that you can use to make huge balls. Those were tossed out into and around the audience, with me praying one didn’t hit a light. Can you imagine the smell of hot, dripping goo?

Hot, dripping, smelly QVC goo. There would have been a riot.

Happily, no one had that strong of a punch.

Throughout, David was a pro.

QVC - David and William

That little fellow is none other than Willam A. Koch III.

He’s Will and Lori’s youngest child.

QVC David V. and WilliamGoodness, the little chap will be heading off to college in just a few more years.

When that time comes, I’ll be sure to provide plenty of empty QVC boxes from my basement to pack up his stuff.

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