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Anita and I have become email buddies over the years. She'll email to ask about 4th of July fireworks, or for advice about which days will be the best for a visit.

Today's email made me laugh out loud. She said it was okay to share it:

My 5-year-old daughter fell in love with the HoliDazzles this year when I took her to Holiday World. She does have some concerns however. This was our conversation last night.

Mom, is Holiday World closed now?

Yes, it’s closed until next May

How many days is that? Is it more than 50 million?

No, it’s less than 50 million.

Is it 10 million?

No, it’s much less than that. It’s just a few months.

How many months? Twenty months?

At this point I drag the calendar out and show her how long it is until May!

Mom, what is Sparkle going to do this winter when it’s cold? Won’t she freeze if Holiday World is closed?

No, Sparkle will be fine. She’ll go home for the winter and come back in May.

Mooooooooom, didn't you even pay attention at the show? Sparkle LIVES in the 4th of July section. Duh.

Oh, I forgot about that.

She’s going to freeze to death, isn't she?

No, I promise she will be fine.

Would you ask Holiday World and make sure?

Yes, sure.

You promise Mom? You PROMISE you will ask Holiday World tomorrow and then let me know after school tomorrow.


Sooooo, I am keeping my promise. Would you please write back and tell me that Sparkle will not freeze to death this winter so I can tell Kaylee and she won’t drive me nuts until May? And by the way, am I the only parent who can’t get that “have a dazz dazz dazzly day” song out of my head? I wake my kids up with that every morning now just to annoy them. I've been threatened to stop, or they won’t take me to Holiday World next year. It’s a risk I’m going to have to take.

KayleeHi Kaylee! Your mom sent me this cute photo of you. It is so kind of you to think about Sparkle and be concerned for her comfort and safety. Don't worry! We love Sparkle, too, and make sure she's having a wonderful "off season." I think she's even planning a long vacation — she wants to visit Santa at the North Pole! I know Sparkle would want me to tell you she loves you and can't wait to give you a big hug in May. I know your mom will show you the calendar and help you count the months. Meanwhile, keep singing the HoliDazzles songs and be sure you stay warm all winter, too!


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