By Paula @ Holiday World

Well, not really nowhere; not if you're wanting to park your car.

We'd mentioned that, along with Pilgrims Plunge, we're adding a new road for next year.

Work is underway.

Poor Lisa. I asked her to go take some photos last week that would include enough landmarks to put the location into perspective.

…oh, and do this without getting run over, please.

Where are we? That's the stop sign in Santa Claus when you're heading south on 162 from Ferdinand and Interstate 64 exit 63.

Next May, the stop sign will be gone, replaced by one of them-there new-fangled traffic lights.


(Sorry, there's something about the town's first traffic signal that just demands a celebratory hoot.)

Continuing … when you're on this road and on your way to Holiday World, there will be two lanes that will take you straight across to the Legend parking lot when the light is green. (Of course, the left lane will also be a turn lane if you want to run by Santa's Candy Castle for some frozen hot chocolate first.)

Next, a still-alive Lisa made her way to the other side of the site, to show how it looks when you're facing north.

That's Liberty Launch in the background.

New road
That's all we know so far. As work progresses we'll keep you posted.

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