By Paula @ Holiday World

If you followed this morning's tweets about our meeting with Sandor from IntaRide, you'll know I promised to get my mitts on some photos showing the progress on the boats for Pilgrims Plunge.

Direct from the factory in Germany, here's a shot of one of the boats.


We've received many emails asking about the restraint system. The black bar contraption is it.

It's similar to our coasters in that it's an individual lap bar. It's similar to Liberty Launch in that it's hydraulic (no click-click-click). It opens overhead to give riders more room as they board the ride and, soaked, step out of the boat after the boat returns to the station.

During the meeting, we spent a considerable amount of time discussing drain holes. It seems on most shoot the chute rides (and log flumes), the boats drain easily out the back as they head up the lift hill.

Pilgrims Plunge, as you may remember, has that crazy elevator. No angle of ascent. Straight up.

So the draining will take place back in the station. Some sort of flaps will open. Sandor said the guests probably won't even notice them.

Next season, the ride ops at Pilgrims Plunge will recognize our blog readers. They'll be the ones asking, "Where are the drainage flappy things?"

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