By Paula @ Holiday World

Received a lovely compliment the other day during a podcast recording.

The editor of an industry magazine said something kind about how on-top-of the latest social-media technology we are.

I choked down a laugh-snort combination and tried to be gracious in saying thank you and protesting that my personal knowledge is of the enough-to-be-dangerous category.

And here we go again. This time it's Facebook.

Quite honestly, I'm of the generation that used phones that actually plugged into the wall and required dialing. Televisions which you had to actually get up off the couch and touch to change from ABC to NBC to CBS. (That's it kids. Just three networks.) And remember rolling car windows up and down? I recall seeing my first fax machine. Heck, I remember seeing my first color television.

That said, here is our first humble tip-toe into Facebook.

I know there are plenty of HoliBlog readers who will be generous (and gentle) with comments and advice.

Fire away.

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