By Paula @ Holiday World

Eric and I were chatting about our Facebook fan page yesterday (we topped 800 fans in just over three weeks).

Eric, who's in his 20s, mentioned that he had never created a personal page. He shook his head, "Even my dad has one!"

Okay, that spread the generation gap a little farther, but Eric's okay. For a kid.

Anyway, our conversation must have helped catapult Eric over to the dark side. It was time at last for him to make his own Facebook page.

Only…Facebook didn't believe him.

Here's an email Eric sent me late last night:

Apparently Facebook doesn't believe that an Eric Snow lives in Santa Claus, Indiana. I had to reply to an email to confirm my identity. Now I'm waiting to hear back from the "Facebook Team" so I can be granted access to join the site. So, not only am I so behind the times by not having a Facebook account while my father does, I didn't pass Facebook's authorization standards! It's a good thing I don't live on Snowball Drive.

That reminds me of a friend who moved here to Santa Claus this time of year back in the '80s. She called her old bank in Florida to transfer funds, but when she gave them her new address (I think it was Sleigh Bell Lane in Santa Claus, Indiana) they hung up on her!

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