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December can be pretty spotty around here. This is a company that has pretty intense employee needs during the warmer months, so many of us have a load of vacation time to use during the weeks leading to Christmas.


This, I think, explains why I don't have an answer to this question.


Our friend Russ from Indianapolis emailed this question last night and I forwarded it to a number of people here who I thought would have the answer.

The only person who's responded so far is Will. He said to be sure to let him know what the answer is, since now he's wondering, too.

Assuming those in the know are off shopping, wrapping, decorating or sleeping, I thought it would be fun to post the question to see if any of our readers would happen to know the answer:

There is a ride in the southeastern corner of Holiday World that consists of about 6-8 jeeps that take 2 laps on a track [Doggone Trail]. The speakers always blare out something that sounds like, "I am a fizzy star lock."


For several years, we have debated about what it is actually saying. I contend that it is saying, "I am the fittest dog on the track" because it seems to be a ride about Holidog. Other members of my family think it says, "I am the fittest guy on the track" because it's supposed to be coming from the cars, which have people driving.

We don't gamble, so there's no bets riding on this — just peace of mind!

Simply click on the Comments link below and give it your best shot.


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