By Paula @ Holiday World

If you've been reading the HoliBlog for a while, you know about John, our marketing director.

He and I have an interesting relationship.

It's always interesting…

For example, the other evening I started up my car a bit before leaving so that it would warm up and the windshield defrost before it was time to head for home. John called me in my office, all distressed, to say someone had just driven off in my vehicle.

He's a laugh a minute.

So when I saw this little stocking stuffer on the shelf in a store, I couldn't resist.

Earlier this week, I stopped by his office. "Merry Christmas, John. A little token of my esteem. Oh, and I want a picture for the blog."

John happily jumped into action. Where's that tree? I need to pose in front of a Christmas tree!

Everything's a production with John. He charged back into an office closet and disappeared deep inside. Boxes fell. I think I heard a muffled scream.

Victorious, John emerged with a sad little, bent-up tree.

Patty giggled uncontrollably. "It's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!"

If only…

After straightening out the branches and untangling the electrical cord (Andy added a few blank CDs for that classy touch), John was ready for his Christmas close-up.

Merry Christmas, John

And so what did I give John for Christmas?

A very traditional gift.

Coal for Christmas

And a personalized back to the tin:

John gets coal for Christmas

It's been two days. Funny, no reciprocal gift. Go figure.

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