By Paula @ Holiday World

Look what appeared on someone's office door over the Christmas break:

So, just how well do you know us?

Post a comment below and let us know whose door you think this is … and who anonymously posted the sign.

Sign on someone's office door in early 2009

Hint #1: My only involvement was taking the photos while waiting for person to return to his/her office for a meeting. (In other words: It wasn't me and it's not my office!)

Hint #2: The person whose office it is said it was fine to post this on the HoliBlog and to include this photo of his/her desk (hence the sign).

A very busy person's desk

(Here's the answer: The photos are of a sign posted on Will's office door by Rides Director Tori … who loved to tease him. Will thought it was hilarious and left the sign on his door for all to see.)

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