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If you follow us on Twitter, you know I'm a member of the IAAPA Communications Committee.

Chair, actually, as of this week.

We had our first teleconference yesterday afternoon and I must say it was great fun.

Although we did our best to be strategic, forward-thinking and professional, an occasional pun or park story squeaked through, halting all rational thought.

One item on the agenda was to build a list of story ideas. The economy, hiring, what's new at parks, green initiatives, that sort of thing.

This would help the IAAPA communications staff to be prepared (and also to help them prepare the membership) for any media calls they might receive.

Given the national events on Tuesday, I suggested there might be First Family visits to some parks this summer. Those cute little Obama girls deserve to get out once in awhile, don't you think?

One of our members jumped in: Oh, no — you don't want that! We hosted President Carter's daughter back in the '70s and it was a horrible day. Amy had a good time, but those Secret Service agents kept puking on all the rides!

We had a presidential visit long ago…

Ronald Reagan visited Santa Claus Land in 1955

Pre-presidential, actually. This photo of Ronald Reagan and Will's two grandfathers was taken in March of 1955.

Thankfully, there are no reports of a regurgitating Gipper on that day.

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