A sunny day

Temps are expected to drop and drop this week, so the construction crew is making the most of the toasty weather today. (Was that snow I just saw?)

Work continues on the pump pits, the tunnel and the reservoir.

Pilgrims Plunge construction

One of Santa’s Elves?

Look what appeared on someone's office door over the Christmas break:

So, just how well do you know us?

Post a comment below and let us know whose door you think this is … and who anonymously posted the sign.

Sign on someone's office door in early 2009

Hint #1: My only involvement was taking the photos while waiting for person to return to his/her office for a meeting. (In other words: It wasn't me and it's not my office!)

Hint #2: The person whose office it is said it was fine to post this on the HoliBlog and to include this photo of his/her desk (hence the sign).

A very busy person's desk

(Here's the answer: The photos are of a sign posted on Will's office door by Rides Director Tori … who loved to tease him. Will thought it was hilarious and left the sign on his door for all to see.)

New year, new construction

The construction crews were back on site today getting the Pilgrims Plunge area ready for the delivery of the first two "containers" this week.

Steve told us this during our directors meeting. I wanted to ask him what exactly a "container" is; I'm thinking gigantic Tupperware with window-rattling burps when you snap the lid.

The containers will include the conveyor system for the station. Makes sense: put the conveyor in the station before building the station up around it.

This is one humongous pump pit.

Pump pit


The countdown has begun

I just wanted to say that I think Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari are the best parks I have ever been to and heard about. Me and my family go every year. I can’t wait to go back this year in 5 months (I’ve been counting) and ride Pilgrim’s Plunge. I am so excited!

Thank You!

Collen D.

You betcha!

It didn't take too long for our readers to recognize Baked Alaska.

Here, as promised, is a peek at one of the very early menus from The Christmas Room at Santa Claus Land:

Santa Claus Land menu
…along with the pricing:

Santa Claus Land menu
Does anyone remember ordering Baked Alaska long ago? Joe remembers it was quite a challenge to make.

(Thanks to my Cousin Jeff for this post's title, by golly.)