By Paula @ Holiday World

This really is a fairly small industry. And pretty friendly, too.

We occasionally hear from Chris up in the Chicago area. Sometimes with a question, sometimes just to say hi.

Other times to add to a story:

I just wanted to make a comment on your HoliBlog about your IAAPA Communications Committee, and the topic you discussed.

…this past summer during the campaign for Presidency, we received a call from a person who said they were interested in bringing Obama's kids to our park (Deep River Waterpark, Crown Point, Ind.), and wanted information, and asked if we had security, etc.

We gave them the information but kind of blew it off as a, "yea right," kind of thing. So about a week later, some all-black vehicles with the deep-tinted windows and everything arrive, and it was Obama's two daughters, with some friends, and two Secret Service guys. They spent the better part of the day going down all the slides with the Secret Service guys not to far behind.

However, the funniest, strangest part of the day was customers kept going up to us managers as we walked around the park going, "Just to let you know, two guys just walked that way…they are with some kids, and they have guns tucked in their swimsuits."

We just kind of smiled and said thank you, and told them we were aware of it, obviously didn't tell them who it was to protect their privacy. And there was no puking by secret service agents!


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