By Paula @ Holiday World

Did I ever tell you about the reality show we had the opportunity to be on?

Seriously, we had a call from a producer several years ago.

They had already created one of the very first reality shows (which is still quite popular) and they were ready to strike gold again.

The premise was to work a show around a family where there is something substantial to inherit.

You know, like a theme park.

The contestants would be family members who would hole up in a big house somewhere and stop at nothing to win the prize. It took, of course, a series of phone calls and emails to get all those details. But that first call, oh my, was pretty exciting.

Following each call, we floated gently from Cloud 9 to Cloud 8 to Cloud 7 and so on.

We thudded to the ground when they told us the show would not be filmed at the park.

Rats! I'd envisioned Will and his siblings walking the coaster tracks, frying endless funnel cakes, and, of course, scrubbing toilets.

Apparently, I should keep my day job. The producers already had the brilliant show concept all figured out. Even the name: The Will. How perfect! Just like The Donald. "Our" show would be The Will. (Although they were thinking along the lines of "…being of sound mind and body," not my boss's name.) So, we took a deep breath and said, "Sorry…no."

When it came down to Will and his family having to be off-site for weeks and weeks during the time the park would be open, reality set in.

"The Will" went into production after they found a rancher to play along. The show was cancelled after the first episode.

Guess we made the right Will call.

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