By Paula @ Holiday World

When it's standing-room-only at a Holiday World Job Fair…

…a few clever folks find a place to perch outside.

It was amazing to have such unseasonably warm temps over the weekend. In past years, we've battled plenty of ice and snow at Job Fairs.

Here are a few familiar, friendly faces to greet the new and returning applicants. Mrs. Koch and Joe have done this a few times over the years, so they know the drill.

After filling our their job applications in the Holiday Theater, this group is walked over to Kringle's Kafe.

No, not for pizza. Not today.

But someday soon, a number of these folks may be creating pizza for park guests.

Craig explains it's not all fun and games in his department.

Well, actually, it is … and Games has some cool new prizes this year. We'll post a photo tour of the warehouse in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, there are two more Job Fairs this week.

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