By Paula @ Holiday World

Our hometown (almost) boy left the county in 1830 and went on to greatness. And today's the bicentennial of his birth. (Abraham Lincoln, not Charles Darwin.)

In honor of this, the folks over at Lincoln Amphitheatre are holding a contest on YouTube. You can try to win tickets to their new show, LINCOLN, and also to Holiday World.

All you have to do is post a video of you or a friend reciting the Gettysburg Address.

There are a few videos posted so far; there's a lot of creativity out there, though, so let's fill the page. Maybe even a future star of LINCOLN will appear.

Here's the link to the contest rules.

In honor of the day, here's our friend Andy doing his best impersonation.

Andy knows, though, that he can't win … being an employee of Holiday World and all. He just likes wearing the hat and beard.


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