By Paula @ Holiday World

One of Matt's departments, as GM, is entertainment. So he goes to the auditions. He comes back from these all Hollywood, every third word is "lovin'."

He's lovin' this one's voice and lovin' that one's personality. He's lovin' how the cast is pulling together.

It's sickening.

What are you, some kind of McDonald's commercial?

Matt just laughs and tells me to "get with it, dude."

This from the guy who still pines for Cindy Brady.


So when I saw a media lead that a reporter in Canada was looking for quotes from folks who love their jobs, Matt was top of mind. Totally.

I heard back from the reporter this morning. She received hundreds and hundreds of responses…and Matt's made the cut.

Needless to say, he's lovin' the attention (and yes, they saved the best 'til last).

Okay, so let's make this a two-fer. Bryan over at Amusement Park World recently posted this glowing review of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

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