By Paula @ Holiday World

If you can find it in your heart, please pause for a moment and send positive karma toward this group:

These happy folks are the operations directors and some of the managers, too. It's the annual "placement meeting."

With a record number of job seekers this year, it's a pretty lengthy session.

Those of us not in the meeting are taking entirely too much pleasure in our freedom today. I'm a little ashamed to admit I've text-messaged Jason several times asking how it's going and informing him about the lovely weather today.

The latest response: "We're on J." Now, I don't want to read anything into this, but since it was not followed by a little happy-face emoticon thingy, I'm guessing the festiveness of the get-together has faded.

Poor Eric snapped this photo on his iPhone and emailed it to me.

I think if we studied the photo from above we'd realize all the Mountain Dew bottles are arranged in a giant "SOS."

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