By Paula @ Holiday World

If you've been following us for a while, you know that Will and I are on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Boyhood Drama Association. We're working on mounting a new show, aptly named LINCOLN, this summer at Lincoln Amphitheatre.

We had a Board meeting this morning and our Artistic Director, Scott Lank, gave an exciting update about the scenic design and his selection of designers for the new show.

I teased Scott later: So you're saying you're the only one on the artistic team so far who doesn't have Broadway credentials?

He grinned. He's done that "Lincoln thing" and surrounded himself with the best and the brightest. (Which is not to say that his resume isn't impressive as well.) As a theatre professor at the University of Evansville's celebrated theatre department, Scott has impressed audiences throughout the country with his remarkable productions.

Lincoln Amphitheatre's Communications Director, Laura, snagged Scott after the meeting and shot the first of many videos with him. Please take a look … now, and when LINCOLN opens in June.

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