“P” is for “placement”

If you can find it in your heart, please pause for a moment and send positive karma toward this group:

These happy folks are the operations directors and some of the managers, too. It's the annual "placement meeting."

With a record number of job seekers this year, it's a pretty lengthy session.

Those of us not in the meeting are taking entirely too much pleasure in our freedom today. I'm a little ashamed to admit I've text-messaged Jason several times asking how it's going and informing him about the lovely weather today.

The latest response: "We're on J." Now, I don't want to read anything into this, but since it was not followed by a little happy-face emoticon thingy, I'm guessing the festiveness of the get-together has faded.

Poor Eric snapped this photo on his iPhone and emailed it to me.

I think if we studied the photo from above we'd realize all the Mountain Dew bottles are arranged in a giant "SOS."

Sharing the love

One of Matt's departments, as GM, is entertainment. So he goes to the auditions. He comes back from these all Hollywood, every third word is "lovin'."

He's lovin' this one's voice and lovin' that one's personality. He's lovin' how the cast is pulling together.

It's sickening.

What are you, some kind of McDonald's commercial?

Matt just laughs and tells me to "get with it, dude."

This from the guy who still pines for Cindy Brady.


So when I saw a media lead that a reporter in Canada was looking for quotes from folks who love their jobs, Matt was top of mind. Totally.

I heard back from the reporter this morning. She received hundreds and hundreds of responses…and Matt's made the cut.

Needless to say, he's lovin' the attention (and yes, they saved the best 'til last).

Okay, so let's make this a two-fer. Bryan over at Amusement Park World recently posted this glowing review of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

Blast from the past

Thought you'd get a charge out of this old Frightful Falls logo:

Rick says the best he can remember (it was 25 years ago, after all) this graphic was hand-painted on the original Frightful Falls billboard.

An inci-dental post

The irony of a business blogger talking about Valentine's Day (aka Eat Chocolate Until Your Teeth Fall Out Day), going to the dentist and getting a "word of mouth" recommendation tickles me no end.

You know the drill: click here. We found the read to be quite ful-filling.

Missing Linc

Our hometown (almost) boy left the county in 1830 and went on to greatness. And today's the bicentennial of his birth. (Abraham Lincoln, not Charles Darwin.)

In honor of this, the folks over at Lincoln Amphitheatre are holding a contest on YouTube. You can try to win tickets to their new show, LINCOLN, and also to Holiday World.

All you have to do is post a video of you or a friend reciting the Gettysburg Address.

There are a few videos posted so far; there's a lot of creativity out there, though, so let's fill the page. Maybe even a future star of LINCOLN will appear.

Here's the link to the contest rules.

In honor of the day, here's our friend Andy doing his best impersonation.

Andy knows, though, that he can't win … being an employee of Holiday World and all. He just likes wearing the hat and beard.


An early Valentine’s gift

How many people receive emails from their boss with this message: Ain't they pretty?

And this attached:

Pilgrims Plunge filter tanks

Those big blue tanks are the filters for Pilgrims Plunge.

And Will is happy.

Who needs chocolates and flowers when there are … filters?

Filters for Pilgrims Plunge

According to GM Mike (who is also happy), these tanks contain 90% sand and 10% gravel and will filter the water used at Pilgrims Plunge.

And for this … (wait for it) … we give t'anks.

A fair day, indeed

When it's standing-room-only at a Holiday World Job Fair…

…a few clever folks find a place to perch outside.

It was amazing to have such unseasonably warm temps over the weekend. In past years, we've battled plenty of ice and snow at Job Fairs.

Here are a few familiar, friendly faces to greet the new and returning applicants. Mrs. Koch and Joe have done this a few times over the years, so they know the drill.

After filling our their job applications in the Holiday Theater, this group is walked over to Kringle's Kafe.

No, not for pizza. Not today.

But someday soon, a number of these folks may be creating pizza for park guests.

Craig explains it's not all fun and games in his department.

Well, actually, it is … and Games has some cool new prizes this year. We'll post a photo tour of the warehouse in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, there are two more Job Fairs this week.

Back to reality

Did I ever tell you about the reality show we had the opportunity to be on?

Seriously, we had a call from a producer several years ago.

They had already created one of the very first reality shows (which is still quite popular) and they were ready to strike gold again.

The premise was to work a show around a family where there is something substantial to inherit.

You know, like a theme park.

The contestants would be family members who would hole up in a big house somewhere and stop at nothing to win the prize. It took, of course, a series of phone calls and emails to get all those details. But that first call, oh my, was pretty exciting.

Following each call, we floated gently from Cloud 9 to Cloud 8 to Cloud 7 and so on.

We thudded to the ground when they told us the show would not be filmed at the park.

Rats! I'd envisioned Will and his siblings walking the coaster tracks, frying endless funnel cakes, and, of course, scrubbing toilets.

Apparently, I should keep my day job. The producers already had the brilliant show concept all figured out. Even the name: The Will. How perfect! Just like The Donald. "Our" show would be The Will. (Although they were thinking along the lines of "…being of sound mind and body," not my boss's name.) So, we took a deep breath and said, "Sorry…no."

When it came down to Will and his family having to be off-site for weeks and weeks during the time the park would be open, reality set in.

"The Will" went into production after they found a rancher to play along. The show was cancelled after the first episode.

Guess we made the right Will call.