A post from another park, up north

This really is a fairly small industry. And pretty friendly, too.

We occasionally hear from Chris up in the Chicago area. Sometimes with a question, sometimes just to say hi.

Other times to add to a story:

I just wanted to make a comment on your HoliBlog about your IAAPA Communications Committee, and the topic you discussed.

…this past summer during the campaign for Presidency, we received a call from a person who said they were interested in bringing Obama's kids to our park (Deep River Waterpark, Crown Point, Ind.), and wanted information, and asked if we had security, etc.

We gave them the information but kind of blew it off as a, "yea right," kind of thing. So about a week later, some all-black vehicles with the deep-tinted windows and everything arrive, and it was Obama's two daughters, with some friends, and two Secret Service guys. They spent the better part of the day going down all the slides with the Secret Service guys not to far behind.

However, the funniest, strangest part of the day was customers kept going up to us managers as we walked around the park going, "Just to let you know, two guys just walked that way…they are with some kids, and they have guns tucked in their swimsuits."

We just kind of smiled and said thank you, and told them we were aware of it, obviously didn't tell them who it was to protect their privacy. And there was no puking by secret service agents!


Believe it and it will be

…it just may take a few months and a 75-degree rise in temps.

Was digging through some photos from last summer and this one made me smile.

Our 1,000th post

Okay, so where's the cake?

One-thousand posts is quite an accomplishment.

A huge accomplishment, actually.

Nearly as huge as … well, Andy:

Andy is our intrepid Marketing Coordinator.

He won my heart forever last year when he showed great bravery his first week on the job.

We had an all-day session with our directors and managers. We have such varied departments scattered in so many offices all over the property that once or twice a year we get together to spend a day working on being a team.

We started the day with one of those insipid "team-building ice-breakers." Everyone groaned when the papers were handed out. We had ten minutes to scurry around and find someone on our staff to fit each of several dozen categories.

Things like … was Class Valedictorian … speaks a second language … has sky-dived … plays a brass instrument.

You know, all that stuff that may not come up in everyday discussion.

One category — Does a Stupid Human Trick — caught everyone's attention.

Okay, so first of all, who does that sort of thing? And more importantly … who would ever admit to it?!

Enter Andy.

It was his first week on the job. He's 6'4", but comes across as rather shy and sweet.

When we'd all settled down, the question came up: Okay, so who does a Stupid Human Trick?

Someone called out, "Andy!"

Who's Andy?

To make a long story short, it took about three seconds to convince Andy to show us. His "trick" is a shockingly realistic dinosaur imitation.

Sort of an interpretive dance.

Andy assumed the dinosaur position and dashed around the room.

We cheered for the new guy. That takes guts.

Maybe someday we'll post a YouTube video of Andy doing his thing. Meanwhile, we have a bunch of stills of Dino … er, Andy … posted on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, we'll get started on our second thousand posts…

As always, we recommend…

…that you and other family members wear aqua-socks, swim shoes, sandals or sneakers during your visit to Splashin' Safari.