“Unit 360 on 1 to all units…”

Mid afternoon on a Saturday five weeks before opening, there are lots of people here.

Working, training, building, rehearsing.

A news crew from Evansville TV station WEHT was en route to shoot a story about unemployment rates and what we've experienced during our seasonal hiring process.

With TV, you need something called "B roll." It's the footage that's used to fill in the blanks, cover edits, and to illustrate the story while the reporter talks. "A roll" is the interview; B roll is everything else.

When I called on the 2-way asking "all units" to let me know who was out and about so we'd know where to go to shoot some B-roll, of course I expected to hear back from a load of departments.

Instead . . . crickets.

A second transmission, this time asking for inside activity, since there was no response to the call for outsiders.

A long pause, and then a phone call from John in marketing, laughing that in desperation we'd need to come into his office to shoot footage.

Happily, the entertainers are in rehearsal.

Jamie, the reporter, interviewed GM Matt about our hiring process. He told her that although we're currently fully staffed 2,000-strong, we'll continue accepting applications all summer.

The cameraman, David, told us he worked at Holiday World for five summers back during his college years, mostly in Foods. When I asked if it felt weird to be back, he just smiled.

After Matt's interview and some B-roll shots, Jamie asked one of the entertainers some questions.

Craig's from Evansville. He said … well, if you want to know, best tune in to the 10 o'clock news on Channel 25 this evening. We'll post a link if the story ends up on their website.

“Santa, the horseshoe has landed”

Sorry it's taken me more than a week to get these up, but I wanted to share the webcam caps (I think that's short for "captures") that our friend Robert grabbed during the Pilgrims Plunge topping back on the 13th.

He was kind enough to give each "cap" a name and quite a few of them were downright entertaining (they're in italics).

Let us begin…

Anyone have any anti-gravity lifters?

We have lift-off.

Somebody up here order a horseshoe?

Santa, the horseshoe has landed.

The new skyline

Here's the view as you walk into Thanksgiving.

Dry, chapped hands?

Winter was rough all around…

We need to call down to the warehouse for a big bottle of holi-lotion.

Marquee de Glad

Here's Rick, celebrating spring by finishing up the marquee's rehab.

The lettering and logos are made of alumilite.

There are 32 pieces of lettering and logo parts on each side of the sign.

(Aren't you proud of my self control in not using the subject line "Sign of Spring"?)

Rebel riders

I nearly had a heart attack when I came across this old Santa Claus Land photo.

It was in a folder marked "children's roller coaster." But those boys in the rebel caps don't exactly look buckled in…or even sitting down.

The track in the photo (I've cropped it some) is quite flat. So maybe it's not a coaster, but another type of ride.

Anyone remember?

Does this float your boat?

Look what the stork dropped off for us yesterday…

Still in the wrapping paper, just like Christmas morn.

Will and Lisa plan to shoot a video this week to explain how the boats will make it around the ride, how the elevator works, how the boats will decelerate after coming down the chute, and other interesting facts.

And if I know our Will, he'll want to unwrap one of these good ships and try out the front seat.