By Paula @ Holiday World

…before the next week is over.

Steve popped in during our Directors Meeting to show us what's happening.

Best I understand, the lower third or so of the big drop and the same amount of the elevator lift will go up this week.

The rest will be assembled, in large pieces, on terra firma.

Then on Monday of next week, the big'un comes to town.


The 220-ton crane will take a full day to set up on site. It has a 210-foot boom.

And on Tuesday it will lift the remaining pieces into place.

…including topping off the tower with the final piece, which will include this sign:

That last piece will add 46 feet to the tower.

That piece alone will weigh 16 tons (let's all sing together now: …and what do you get? Another day older… oh, never mind).

The tower, when complete, will measure 165 feet. That's pretty close to the height of the lift hill at The Voyage.

Meanwhile, Lisa took a photo of this last week, while she could:

…since they're gearing up to send it skyward.

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